No more SoundCloud for Medley :(


After 7 years of using and paying for my professional account without a single problem, it has been shut down due to the war between Soundcloud and Sony. 2 remixes and a mixtape of mine, all which have been online for years, suddenly received copyright infringement reports from Sony overnight.

Upon doing some research I discovered that Soundcloud is implementing a monetization program to make revenue from streaming music, to accomplish this they have to make deals with all the biggest music labels, Sony is not having any of it and has decided to pull all it's content from Soundcloud. Official artists are having all their music stripped from their profiles and unofficial content is being reported as copyright infringing en masse. After 3 copyright strikes with Soundcloud an account is permanently disabled. Although I sympathize with Soundcloud's difficult position I find this incredibly disappointing that they go to such extremes enforcing this policy as their business was built on the backbone of remix and DJ culture. YouTube's maximum for first time copyright infringement is a 6 month account suspension.

For the time being my account is no longer and most links on my website will be dead until I find a new music hosting solution. Thank you to the thousands of you that followed my Soundcloud account over the years, I hope to resolve this issue with Soundcloud/Sony ASAP, in the meantime please stay tuned to my YouTube channel –